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180 Parking Services is looking for a Part Time and Full Time valet attendant for the Westside Ironworks. Must provide a welcoming and professional greeting, departure and overall experience to all guest, customer service, and professionalism must be of utmost importance at all times. Valet Attendant must possess a thorough knowledge of venue services, daily schedule, the surrounding city area, and be able to provide information and directions as requested. Valet attendant must uphold a professional posture and alertness when not actively occupied with guest. In addition, he/she must maintain, control and monitor the appearance and total cleanliness of the front drive, valet station & parking area.

We pride ourselves in our work ethic in addition to our continued growth as individuals as well as a company. We like to think that our dedication to our craft makes us better each day, not only at what we do, but at who we are as people.

Being flexible is a must. You may have to be available during the holidays, nights, weekends, and days. We also, will have some days you will only have to work the weekends.


* You have to have a valid drivers license. 

* You must be 18 years or older 

* Must have a good driving record

* Must pass a background check and drug test.


* Have to be groomed and look presentable at all times

* Able to be quick on your feet and run a couple miles per shift

* Be dependable and on time for your shift

* Have high integrity 

* Must be flexible being the fact that you may have to work holidays and weekends

PAY RATE: Competitive base plus cash tips

The 180 Standard:

The 180 Approach goes beyond what is expected from a valet and parking service. We feel that the handing off of a set of keys is more than a simple exchange, it is an understanding that the customer's car will be taken care of in a manner that they themselves would show. This sense of empathy is built in our staff from day one, as we teach an attitude which can be used to built communication, embrace challenges, and take situations in stride. These traits establish our standard for what clients can expect and receive. For us, valet service is truly a where client needs are the priority, and never secondary. 

Location: Atlanta, GA
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